Summoned By Angels
Kept by a count

Tell a tale using two perspectives.

Drawing on the bizarre true story of Count Von Cosel and Elena Hoyos. The two perspectives of this horror/love story is reality and Von Cosels disturbed version of it. It tracks the story from the beginnings of the counts obsession with Elena, to its grisly end.
The lillies represent the deterioration of Elena’s body, and “resurrection” at the hands of the count. The photographs are paired with the diary writings of Von Cosel, linking his obsession and declarations of everlasting love, with the mortality of his “bride”.
As the Lilies decayed, I photographed them. Then as soon as they began to rot, I embalmed them with wax, replicating the embalming of Elena by Count Von Cosel. The result is almost unrecognisable and a poor preservation of the original, very similar to the descriptions given about Elenas waxed body when it was shown on display at the local morgue.

I also retold the story using photographic portraiture, inspired by the gruesome embalming of Elena, aiming to recreate the photographs the count took of Elena in her wedding dress, after their “marriage”.